Hole 1


Here is a good scoring chance to start your round! One is a straightaway reachable par 5. The fairway is guarded by bunkers on both sides, with O.B. all the way on the left side. The Green itself is protected by bunkers in front and to the right.

Hole 2


2 is a “dogleg left” short Par 4. The tee shot requires a 200 yard shot to reach the corner, which leaves a short iron approach to a big green guarded by a bunker in the front-right.

Hole 3


3 is a 150 yard Par 3 over wetlands to a big green guarded by 4 bunkers. A hazard down the left side wraps around and behind the green. Take advantage of this Par 3, because the next Par 3 is very challenging.

Hole 4


4 is a 130-165 yard Par 3 over a pond to a 2 tiered green with bunkers on the left and right. The pond also wraps around the left side of the green and behind it. Proper distance control is a must for this challenging Par 3.

Hole 5


Not as easy as it first appears, 5 is a challenging tee shot. It is a Par 4 with hazards on both sides of the fairway which narrows in the landing zone. A small brook in front of the green requires your approach shot to be precise.

Hole 6


Six is a 3 shot par 5 also with hazards on both sides of the fairway. It is a narrow landing area for your second shot. The river to the right of the green will make you favor the left side with your approach.

Hole 7


7 is a different Par 4 with options off the Tee, you can hit your Driver over the creek leaving you a short approach. If you chose to lay up off the Tee, it will leave you with a challenging second shot to probably the most difficult green to hit at Candlewood.

Hole 8


8 is a long slight dogleg right Par 4. The fairway bunker 20 yards short of the green makes the approach shot slightly more demanding.

Hole 9


9 is a straightaway medium length par 4 that returns you to the clubhouse. You have a birdie opportunity here if you hit a solid tee shot!

Hole 10


Ten is a short Par 4 to start the back 9 and another scoring opportunity here.

Hole 11


11 is a short dog leg right Par 4. Birdie opportunity but green is severely sloped from back to front. You must be precise with your approach shot.

Hole 12


The 12th is a straightaway Par 3 with a slightly elevated green.

Hole 13


13 is a very difficult dogleg right Par 4 which requires a precise tee shot to enable you to see the green for the second shot.

Hole 14


Hole 14 is a straightaway short Par 4. An accurate tee shot is a must as this is the narrowest hole on the course.

Hole 15


15 is a slight dogleg left Par 4. It is a narrow fairway with a bunker on the left and a hazard to the right. The two tiered green is protected by bunkers on the right, and OB on the left.

Hole 16


16 is a short dog leg right Par 4. The fairway slopes from left to right with hazards all the way down the right side. The green has a severe pitch from the back to the front.

Hole 17


17 is a dogleg left Par 4 with a small pond on the left side in the landing zone. This green is also pitched back to front.

Hole 18


18 is a short Par 4 with hazards and bunkers everywhere. There is a birdie opportunity if you are successful off the tee, but if not, a Bogey or Worse is looming!